NCCI Terms & Conditions

Chamber Agrees:

1.To be responsible to our members by providing support and services relevant to the nature of their business
2.To establish administration and support services that ensure the Newman CCI Board and staff operate effectively and efficiently in the best interests of our members
3.To develop effective informative services that ensure the Chamber Board are aware of the needs and expectations of its members and the general membership are aware of the decisions, operations and services of the Chamber Board and administration
4.To facilitate the development and delivery of educational training and development programs that effectively assists our members and their staff to increase the competitiveness and profitability of their business.
5.To actively promote and market the Chamber as the combined and collective voice and opinion of private enterprise in the EastPilbara Shire
6.To significantly increase the membership of the Chamber to represent most businesses in the East Pilbara Shire by actively marketingthe benefits to businesses of Chamber membership and delivering appropriate services
7.To actively assist members to seek additional markets for their products and services locally and overseas
8.To foster and support association and co-operation with other services and associations regionally that will effectively assist the Chamber mission,goals, objectives, and vision.
9.To actively promote a professional customer service ethic within the business community of the East Pilbara Shire
10.To represent our community and local business to a high standard

Member Agrees:

1.That as a Member of Chamber I/We will maintain a good reputation and provide professional, friendly service and supply good products and/or services at a fair and competitive price to all customers and visitors
2.To allow the Newman Chamber of Commerce & Industry to use any photos taken at Chamber events for all marketing and promotion of the Newman Chamber
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