Newman Community and Business Directory

The Newman Community and Business Directory is your premier source for community and procurement connection,  with over 10,000 copies distributed at the start of the financial year to residents, visitors and businesses within the Newman township and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for details on community and sporting associations, town maps, local and surrounding businesses and Council services, the Community Directory is a reliable source for up to date information. Copies are delivered straight to the mailbox of every home and business in Newman and additional copies can be made available at the Newman Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NCCI) office located at Newman House, 46 Iron Ore Parade, Newman WA.

Information from the Directory can also be sourced online via our dedicated web site:

For businesses or associations looking to advertise in upcoming Directory’s, please contact the NCCI on 08 9175 0042. You don’t need to be a NCCI member to advertise, however member’s do receive a discount off the advertising cost. The Chamber can assist with your design requirements, so please ensure you allow a minimum of 3 months before deadline to ensure you get your advertisements submitted and finalised in time for printing.

To view the 2017/2018 Newman Community and Business Directory click here

The Newman Community and Business Directory rate card can be located HERE.

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